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Starbucks Announces End of Odyssey Beta NFT Rewards Program – Cryptoxyon

Starbucks Announces End of Odyssey Beta NFT Rewards Program

Starbucks has officially announced the termination of its innovative NFT rewards program, known as Odyssey Beta, effective March 31. This groundbreaking program allowed customers to earn and acquire digital collectible stamps, formatted as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), by engaging in various coffee-themed games and challenges. The digital stamps were more than mere collectibles; they provided users with access to unique benefits and interactive experiences, such as exclusive events and merchandise. However, alongside the program’s closure, Starbucks will also discontinue its dedicated trading marketplace and the community Discord server, transitioning any remaining digital stamp activities to the Nifty marketplace.


The decision to close down the Odyssey Beta program mirrors a wider trend among large corporations pulling back from the NFT and cryptocurrency sectors. This decision arrives amid a turbulent period for the crypto industry, characterized by significant losses, such as the Terra ecosystem and Celsius platform collapses, and the notorious downfall of the FTX exchange. Starbucks’ Odyssey Beta was initiated against this backdrop, opting for an eco-friendlier blockchain technology provided by Polygon, due to its proof-of-stake mechanism that significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional proof-of-work systems. The shift reflects Starbucks’ commitment to sustainability and its cautious approach toward integrating blockchain technologies into its business model.

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Community and Industry Reactions to Closure

The closure of the Odyssey Beta program has elicited varied responses from the Starbucks community and Web3 enthusiasts. Some community members expressed disappointment, particularly because the program’s end coincides with what many perceive as a recovering cryptocurrency market. However, Starbucks has expressed gratitude for the community’s engagement and feedback, suggesting that the end of the Odyssey program is not necessarily the end of the company’s digital initiatives. Although specifics of future programs remain undisclosed, Starbucks’ communication hints at ongoing development and adaptation, indicating that the brand’s journey into digital customer engagement and loyalty programs is far from over.

The Future of Starbucks’ Web3 Endeavors and Digital Strategy

As Starbucks concludes its Odyssey Beta program, the company has hinted at future developments in the digital space, although no concrete plans have been shared. The discontinuation has left both participants and industry observers speculating about the next steps Starbucks will undertake in digital innovation and customer engagement. The end of the Odyssey Beta reflects a moment of reflection and recalibration for Starbucks as it navigates the volatile landscape of Web3 technologies. The company’s approach moving forward will likely be informed by the lessons learned from this venture, focusing on sustainability, user engagement, and the integration of digital experiences that resonate with its global customer base.