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What Is It & Where To Start – Cryptoxyon

What Is It & Where To Start

In the gaming domain where the virtual world comes alive, a new revolution rises, fueled by the cathartic power of crypto! This digital currency is now confident to reshape the gaming industry and transform the world we are living in.

The gaming industry is on top when looking into the biggest and most popular industries in the world. This industry has experienced exponential growth in the last few years. Moreover, the gaming industry has even connected to the world of crypto which seems to make the gaming industry even more popular in the coming times.

Countless examples are there to prove that cryptocurrency has been a part of the gaming industry. With a number of crypto betting sites, it seems that cryptocurrency is the new future. Moreover, the increase in the number of crypto gaming sites is pretty helpful for users to win USD coins and earn huge profits.

With great potential to change everything people are currently aware of gaming, crypto is a life-changing experience for gamers, developers, traders, and many others. By providing better security and transparency to people, cryptocurrency is definitely going to revolutionize the gaming industry in quite some time!

a gaming console surrounded by cryptocurrency coins, implying the blockchains impact on games and gaming in web3!

How Crypto Is Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry? 

Since crypto’s entry, the world of gaming seems to be more interesting. Here are the different ways in which cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the gaming industry.

1. In-Game Assets Ownership

Almost everyone is aware that many in-game assets don’t have any real-world value. Moreover, many players feel that they are useless for them as these assets can only be used in the game. However, implementing crypto is pretty beneficial. This is because it turns out to be a transferable asset and the biggest example of that is NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). With this, the engagement of players increases and even provides them with an immersive gaming experience.

2. Better Security And Transparency 

Blockchain technology is turning out to be quite useful by providing battery security and transparency in the gaming industry. Everyone is aware of how secure and transparent online payments have become for quite some time because of the implementation of blockchain technology. It has proved to be more robust than the traditional methods as it has been in reducing fraud and cheating. Moreover, it can even be used for tracking the ownership of in-game assets.

3. Decentralized Developments In Gaming

Traditional ways take a lot of years for the development of gaming. However, decentralized development allows developers and players to simultaneously work on a game. Moreover, Blockchain technology has made it possible for games to be governed and developed in a decentralized way. This means that players can now find out how the game economy is being managed and even have a say in how games are developed. With this, better and more player-centric games can be developed.

4. Play-To-Earn Models

A number of play-to-earn models are already available with the help of blockchain technology. Furthermore, many more are in development for the future. With this, players can enjoy playing games, and even earn at the same time. They earn in the form of in-game assets or cryptocurrency. This is beneficial for players as traditionally they had to pay for playing. But now, they can play and have a source of income.

5. Better Gaming Experience 

Overall, it is quite evident how crypto is revolutionizing the gaming industry. By providing a better gaming experience, a good source of income, and many more benefits, players can enjoy being a part of the gaming industry, and having an overall new and better gaming experience.

Examples Of How Crypto Is Used In Gaming 

As integrating crypto and gaming is still in its early stages, a number of positive steps are visible in this. Here are a few examples of how crypto is used in the gaming industry.

  1. Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is a popular example that uses NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a major aspect of the game. This play-to-earn game uses blockchain technology allowing players to own their in-game assets and even trade them.
Axie Infinity's $4 Billion Success: A Testament to the Play-to-Earn Revolution
Axie Infinity’s $4 Billion Success: A Testament to the Play-to-Earn Revolution
  1. The Sandbox: The Sandbox also allows players to create their own virtual world and provide proof of ownership using blockchain technology. Players can buy land through crypto on this and use this virtual world to earn money.
image of The Sandbox
The Sandbox continues to grow at a rapid rate and is a top destination for metaverse real estate.
  1. CryptoKitties: CryptoKitties is another popular game that allows players to breed and collect digital cats. This game has been pretty helpful in popularizing the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) concept in front of the world.


  1. Sorare: Another popular play-to-earn game using blockchain technology is Sorare. In this, players need to collect digital cards of popular soccer players and innovatively use blockchain technology in the world of gaming. 

An image of the SoRare logo over a pink background with a football player outline and French flag

Is Crypto The Future Of The Gaming Industry?

Though it is too early to predict whether crypto is the future of the gaming industry, but right now, it seems that cryptocurrency has already revolutionized the world, and might be the future of the gaming industry. Crypto involvement in the world of gaming will be making the industry more engaging and useful for players from different parts of the world.

As the future of gaming seems bright, it seems evident that crypto has a great power to change the way we play. Moreover, focus on what new experience players are going to have in the gaming industry. It is going to be pretty interesting to see how the crypto world will be shaping the gaming industry in the coming years.

Wrapping Up

It is obvious that cryptocurrency has a great impact on the gaming industry. It has been quite successful in creating new opportunities as well as new business models for developers and gamers in the field of gaming. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology entering into the world of gaming have made the experience more interesting, immersive, and enjoyable by providing better transparency and security to players. Hopefully, the gaming industry is expected to be revolutionized in a great way in the near future! 



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