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CoinIX GmbH : Quarterly Update Q3 2023 (English) -September 13, 2023 at 12:45 pm EDT – Cryptoxyon

CoinIX GmbH : Quarterly Update Q3 2023 (English) -September 13, 2023 at 12:45 pm EDT


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September 13, 2023 at 12:45 pm EDT




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Dear Shareholders,

Dear friends of coinIX,

The discussion about the end of the Crypto Winter is becoming more prevalent. The desire and hope for short-term new highs in the world of cryptocurrency are widely spread. These expectations have already led some to make purchasing decisions, which in turn has contributed to stabilizing the market.

However, from our perspective, it is inappropriate to show up in swim trunks already, even though the thaw is setting in and the snowdrops are pushing through the snow cover in all their glory; wearing the swim trunks would still lead to a strong cold.

The crypto market must by no means disregard macroeconomic contexts and developments. The times when the crypto market seemed completely detached are over. Even the upcoming halving in 2024, in our view, will not trigger a new bull run. Therefore, extreme caution is advised when operating in the liquid crypto market.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that the snowdrops are pushing through the snow cover. The development of innovative technologies, which also find their applications in established industries, is progressing continuously. Our venture capital portfolio is filled with long-term promising and innovative investments. These span across financial markets, supply chain management, manufacturing industries, and various other sectors. However, the focus in our VC portfolio lies mainly in infrastructure investments, in order for applications to be able to establish themselves widely.

Blockchain technology is asserting itself in many areas and is initiating not only new business fields but also revolutionizing existing structures. Especially in the current market environment, these developments are progressing at a rapid pace.

Given our refined portfolio strategy, we are looking into the future with great optimism in both our liquid and VC portfolios. We wish you a pleasant reading!

Kind regards,

Karl Gero Wendeborn, CEO Felix Krekel, CFO



Blockchance Conferencetook place from 28th until 30th of June 2023 at Hamburg congress center. coinIX is one of the main sponsors of this conference. Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Mahsa Doorfard, gave a keynote speech on “Diversifying your investments“. In her speech, she talked about the essential investment types for a robust blockchain portfolio.

On the last day of the conference, Moritz Schildt, the founder of HBI& coinIXgave a keynote speech on ‘How Blockchain can be a unique opportunity for Germany.


coinIX took part atMKK (MünchenerKapitalmarkt Konferenz). This conference is organized by GBC Investment Researchand it is the largest investor and analyst conference in southern germany. Our CEOKarl GeroWendebornand CFO Felix Krekelhad a presentation about coinIX and various 1 on 1 meetings were scheduled with investors and press representatives.

DePINevent was one of the official side-events of the Blockchance conference which was co-sponsored by coinIX & peaq. This event was very special for us because 3 projects of coinIX’s investment portfolio were

presented: peaq, NATIXand bloXmove.

The Event was organised atVRHQVirtual Reality Headquartersin Hamburg. Blockmagazincontributed to the event as well. Moreover, ELOOPand Silencio teamhad the chance to present their projects.

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) is the new name for blockchain networks that use tokensto incentivise communities to build

physicalinfrastructure networks/dApps.


During the Blockchance Conference,

Hanseatic Blockchain Institute planned an exclusive workshopwith the title ‘Cryptoas an asset class?’ Some of the most Prominent blockchain investment firms such as

tokentus, 21shares, Blockwall, Deustche Digital Assets& FINEXITY

took part as co-sponsors. Participants elaborated about their investment strategies and answered questions which were raised from the audience.


OMRwhich is the abbreviation of Online Marketing Rockstars is Europe’s leading platform for the global digital economy, spanning content, events and technology. This year’s conference took place in May and our team joined, in order to gain more Marketing insight and to prepare the necessary skills for our future sales process.

coinIX Events


coinIX annual meetingtook place on 1st of august 2023 at Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg. The agenda covered essential topics, which shareholders discussed and voted upon. Moritz Schildt started the meeting by providing an overview of the agenda. The Supervisory Board presented the approved annual financial statements, which were conveniently accessible on the company’s website and available during the meeting. Felix Krekel, our CFO, discussed the Capital Markets in 2022 while Karl Gero Wendeborn introduced the Equityand SAFT(Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) investments of coinIX which were conducted in 2022.


Our CEO, Karl Gero Wendeborn and our Controller, Christian Haasejoined the Block im Parkconference. Fromcarbontokenizationto Artificial Intelligence; Exciting discussions had taken place in

this cross-industry Blockchain conference which was organized by Eintracht Frankfurt.


coinIX was on top of the Eiffel tower! Karl Gero Wendeborn, our CEO and Ladislaus von Daniels, our analyst joined the Ethereum Community conferencein Paris. This conference had a great importance for us since ETHis one of our biggest holdings and most of the projects that we have invested in, are getting built on top of Ethereum.


coinIX’s analyst, Ladislaus von Danielsjoined EDCON (EthereumDevelopment Conference). The focus of the conference was on Scaling and Privacy. EDCON23 was a great chance for us to meet the team of some of the coinIX portfolio projects, such as the Shutter Network; as well as the Beamer Bridge. Moreover, we have had discussions regarding collaboration withBrainbottechnologies.


coinIX has experienced an inspiring evening at Magall Art eventin

which we discussed the developments in the field of NFTs, crypto art and the blockchaintechnology. Hanseatic Blockchain Institute was one of the co- organizers of the event and Karl Gero Wendeborn, our CEO, was one of the speakers of the discussion panel with the title: ‘Is the golden age of NFTs over?’

One of the most exclusive side events of ethcc6 and ETHglobalParis that our team attended was the ‘Eiffel in Crypto’. In this event we met the founders of the projects that we are considering to invest in. Moreover, it was a great chance to meet the team of some of our investment portfolio projects in person.

There were exciting discussions with the team of Safe(which is our custody

solution) Gelato Network, Gnosis, Monerium,GatewayfmandRequestFinance.

coinIX Events


Andreas Groß, the moderator of Börsen Radio Networkinterviewed the CEO (Karl Gero Wendeborn) and the CFO (Felix Krekel) of coinIX. Gero and Felix shared their insight about the crypto market. Börsenradio produces radio reports, interviews and podcasts on stock market topics for radio stations and internet portals. They have talked about the challenging economic environment and unsettlements caused by bankruptcies in the crypto sectorand how it has led to a massive drop in the value of many cryptocurrencies. coinIX management team have declared that things are not going well for the market. However, coinIX’s investments are geared towards the long term and short-term price swings are not relevant for us.


coinIX has been featured in the last episode of thePodcast ‘Blocktales –Unchained Stories’. This podcast is dedicated to exploring insights into the lives of the people behind the

blockchain technology.SarahGottwald, Managing director of the blockchain founders groupwho is the

moderator of this podcast, interviewed Mahsa Doorfard, our Sales and Marketing manager.

They have talked about different marketing activities for blockchain investment firms and the power of networking.


coinIX has joined the community of SystAIn3r (100 women in AI &Web3 for sustainability). Our contribution is a step towards

promoting sustainable and

environmentally conscious practices within the blockchain industry.

SystAI3r empowers women & non-binary people to create sustainable futures with AI, Web3 and Systems Thinking. Mahsa

Doorfard, our sales and marketing manager, is one of the mentors of this interdisciplinary Web3 community for women.

The first SystAIn3r Hackathon will be in Munich from the 21st to the 23rd September.


coinIX was invited to speak at an educational webinar hosted byTHEHUB. THE HUB provides services for people who wants to invest, build and experience the Metaverse. Mahsa Doorfard, our sales and marketing manager was one of the speakers and she talked about coinIX’s investment strategies as well as our portfolio categories. The Webinar took place in Spatialwhich is a platform for Metaverse-like events. The guests joined the event with their avatars and enjoyed a futuristic atmosphere. The other speaker of the event was Carsten Lukasfrom PwCwho is a Metaverse expert.




coinIX has contributed to the Shutter Network. Shutter Network is an open-source project dedicated to tackling the critical issues of malicious MEV (Maximal Extractable Value)in the Ethereum ecosystem. It aims to safeguard users from these harmful practices.

In the cryptocurrency realm, MEV represents the revenue that block producers can extract by selection, injection, ordering, and censorship of transactions. For instance, front-runninginvolves traders taking advantage of pre-market knowledge of an order to profitably buy or sell a cryptocurrency before the order’s execution. Despite being illegal in traditional markets, front running remains unregulated in the crypto space at the expense of the customer experience.

Shutter Network’s primary objective is to put an end to these attacks by offering a decentralized and efficient solution. It prevents bad MEV through encryption of transaction details during the block building process, but do not address the transaction ordering process.

In a rapidly evolving blockchain market, success hinges on pragmatic solutions that cater to user needs. Efficiently managing gas and minimizing transaction fees have become crucial benchmarks for effectiveness. Furthermore, the ability to integrate seamlessly without altering Ethereum’s core protocols adds a layer of practicality.

Shutter Network is a well-crafted response to these market demands. Its design aligns perfectly with these requisites, positioning it as a versatile solution for projects eager to bolster security without being tied to Ethereum’s protocol timelines. As the blockchain landscape continues to unfold, the Shutter Network emerges as a timely and adaptable asset, catering to the market’s growing need for efficiency and innovation.

By adopting Shutter Network, projects can seamlessly integrate this decentralized solution into their existing protocol infrastructure providing enhanced protection against front running and malicious MEV, thereby fostering mainstream adoption and confidence in the crypto space.

One benefit of the Shutter Network lies in its team’s inherent crypto native expertise, cultivated over an extensive duration of involvement within the blockchain realm. Consequently, they possess the distinct advantage of an expansive network deeply entrenched in the blockchain industry, coupled with a keen understanding of the prevailing challenges necessitating resolution.

Karl Gero Wendeborn, CEO of coinIX: “Shutter Network is focused on the Blockchain infrastructure; which is one of the core investment areas of coinIX. The team is Blockchain-native and has been in the space for many years. The Solution that Shutter network offers, contributes to one of the unsolved problems in the blockchain space. We believe it is a huge market opportunity and we are glad that Shutter Network is part of our investment portfolio.”



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coinIX GmbH & Co. KgaA published this content on 13 September 2023 and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 13 September 2023 16:44:02 UTC.

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coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA is a Germany based company, which operates as an investment company. The Company invests in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The object of the Company is the acquisition, holding, management and sale of interests in private and public companies for the use of company assets.

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